Wendy is a compassionate, gifted and highly intuitive spirit and soul. Her guidance and support is a blessing.

— A.S.

I found that three sessions with Wendy was more powerful than years and years of all different kinds of therapy. It was almost like there was a direct road to my inner knowing, that I just didn’t know existed. I’ve never felt so relaxed and open in any kind of therapeutic session as I did with Wendy. I can honestly say I look at my relationships differently now and in doing so, I feel more secure, more alive and more loved.

— R.B.

Working with Wendy has changed my life. She helped me to break through long held patterns. It actually felt like she was helping me to re-pattern the neurotransmitters throughout my body. I felt such a deep structural change occurring not only in my body but also in my mind. She also helped me to change some old self-deprecating beliefs about my place in the world. As a business owner, stress management is a crucial part of my health and well being. Wendy helps me thrive ! She is a master spiritual facilitator!

— Joan Siegel President, Formulator Puremedy, Inc

Working with Wendy is like having an easy conversation with a great friend and then after a few sessions noticing that your feeling differently about yourself and that your life is changing. Wendy helped me wake up to things within myself, like a road to my own feelings and how to understand and be kinder to myself. I have grown a lot from learning to turn within ( on a deeper level ) for the answers rather than letting my first thought about something steer the ship.

— J.R.&C.R.

Wendy has helped me time and time again, particularly when the stress from my business has me overwhelmed. At those times a single session with her is like a vacation. Her knowledge and skills never cease to amaze me.

— R.K.

Thank you for seeing us. You’re right, our Love is worth every ounce of fight. Much appreciation, and see you next week. You are really good at what you do! Thank you, have a great weekend.

— B.L.

My wife found Wendy and to be honest, I didn’t want to do anymore therapy. It seemed that we had tried everything and it wasn’t working. What is different about working with Wendy is that she lets us find our own voice and express the way it feels for us. We weren’t even able to talk about things together without ending up in a fight. I feel like I am really getting to express myself in a way that is making a difference in my day to day life. My wife and I are actually working things out and I am really excited to feel hopeful for the first time in a long time.

— D.T.

Wendy, we loved our session yesterday. Warm, loving, safe space. Some powerful things came of it! We so appreciate your work with us. You are a wonderful gift.

— M.S.&M.L.

What a pleasure it is to work with Wendy. My husband and I see her together and I also see her on my own. I love being able to talk alone with Wendy about my feelings and triggers and then come together with my husband to discuss how we effect each other. It is so much easier for me, I really recommend trying it. I am moving through things much faster now and I feel so much more grounded and supported. Thank you Wendy

— C.D.

Everyone needs a Wendy. Wendy is the person you go to when you can’t quite figure yourself out. When you need someone to put things into perspective and see something from a totally new and refreshed point of view. She is non judgmental but at the same time won’t let you go on lying to yourself if it’s not in your best interest. She helps you to separate yourself from who you think you are and allows you to consider why you might have developed the traits and relationships that got you there. Almost as if she’s pointing to the starting line and saying, “hey do you remember this? This is where you came from, of course you have these tendencies. How could you not? Now that you know this, who do you want to be?”

She’s given my fiancé and I a new way of being together. A new way to understand that each of us has entirely different approaches to how we give and receive love. She reminds us that many of the small things we take personally in our relationship ARE personal. Personal for our partner and may have nothing to do with us, neither good nor bad. She’s allowed me to take the training I’ve gotten through other programs and bring it into a more realistic context where I can use her tools and both parties are receptive to using them for the greater good. Each time I leave her beautiful home, I feel an incredible lightness and peace that is really invaluable. We have recommended her to over 10 friends and don’t plan to stop, because everyone needs a Wendy 🙂

We’re merging!

— D.S.

Wendy has really helped our marriage. When we moved to this neighborhood, I looked at our house and thought, “here’s where we’ll have it out.” Thinking we’d have fight after fight ’til we divvy up the furniture and burn the record collection but thankfully, I found Wendy. Our first appointment was over two years ago and, in that time, my wife and I have began to communicate more effectively and rediscovered why we fell in love in the first place. You could say we have a more understanding understanding of each other, (heh heh, that repeat was no mistake). Wendy helps us humbly see where the other person is coming from and most importantly to me, helps me understand me. We still hit bumps in the road, but now react to them with more compassion than before. “I mean, my wife has more compassion than before, ’cause I’ve always been pretty good. She’s the one who really needed Wendy’s help the most. And I’m beyond grateful that Wendy could help her see how wrong she was in a way that she accepted.” I’m kidding, of course. We look forward to our weekly sessions with Wendy and have moved on from considering renting an additional apartment, “for daddy to stay in a few nights a week,” to healing old wounds and becoming affectionate again.

— A.D.

There are few people who would or could understand my journey. Wendy Smith is someone who truly gets it. For anyone who is ready to explore the body-mind-spirit connection as a decision and a choice to heal, to move towards the next level, and to live in alignment with a mission and a vision, Wendy is a blessing to facilitate your process.

— M.O.

An hour and a half session with Wendy was better than a whole day at a spa. I felt like I went somewhere deep inside myself and returned refreshed and rejuvenated. Her energy and spirit are both so calming and grounding, I highly recommend her!

— M.Q.

There are very few people that match Wendy’s generosity of spirit. She heals with kind, loving and intuitive methods that bravely lead the mind to a clear sense of good feeling and focus.
Much gratitude…

— J.L.

Wendy won’t let me get away with skimming the surface- she gently encourages me to dig deeper. I look forward to seeing her every week as she supports me in my transformation. She takes a stand for the person she knows I can be and helps me get out of my own way. A rare find!

— M.S.

I have seen Wendy a number of times over the past three years. The sessions have been consistently helpful in making my relationship stronger and more loving. I think what I find most beneficial is the healing I feel inside. I have found Wendy to be wise, compassionate and extremely intuitive, a genuine healer. I highly recommend a session with her.

— R.B.

I was referred to Wendy by a mutual friend who suggested I try Reiki to cope with stress. After my first session, I felt like I had awaken from the most perfect nap–the kind of refreshed, rejuvenated, feeling you get after a nap that is the perfect amount of time, on the most comfortable bed, with the softest blanket.
I first turned to Wendy for help during the many stressful times I experienced as an undergraduate student. As time progressed, I also sought Wendy for life coaching and hypnotherapy.
Wendy has helped me navigate some of the most difficult decisions in my life. She has helped me along the journey to self-awareness and self-love. I have so much more confidence, positivity, and quite frankly, success, now than ever before.
To anyone wondering if they should give Wendy a call, I say yes; I’m glad I did.

— D.A.

Wendy is the absolute best! She has helped me to identify and break free of unhealthy relationship patterns and she has taught me how to have a better relationship with myself. Every session with Wendy will have you leaving feeling lighter than when you walked in. My favorite thing about working with Wendy is how warm she is, and that she is able to find the positive aspects of any situation. I am a psychologist in training, and I hope to embody Wendy’s skills and effectiveness in my future practice. I can’t wait to read her book when it comes out!

— A.G.