Entering Marriage With Blinders On

Marriage is such an important step in our lives, but many of us enter into it without a plan or any serious preparation. We’re caught up in the romance of it and the notion of happily ever after. We put more diligent effort into other more mundane things, like getting a driver’s license. To earn […]

How divorce affects children

In the United States, there is one divorce approximately every 36 seconds. That’s nearly 2,400 divorces per day. Fifty percent of all North-American children will witness the divorce of their parents and almost half of them will also see the breakup of a parent’s second marriage. Many unhappy couples are concerned that divorce will have […]

The Blame Game: Stop Blaming and Start Reflecting.

Why are we so quick to place blame? When things go well, people are quick to take credit. When things go badly, however, people are less willing to take responsibility. Instead, they start pointing fingers at one another. “Whose fault is it?” “Who’s to blame?” “Who’s responsible?”  This kneejerk reaction to place blame on someone […]

Take Time to Heal from the Shadow of Your Past

In order to allow for a healthy relationship with a new partner, you need to take time to heal from your divorce. Even in the best circumstances, however, healing can be limited by variables over which you have limited control, such as mental or physical illness, betrayal, or finances. Be aware that when you enter […]

Hearts Get Broken – Part 1

  How do we remain loving and conscious in the face of heartbreak? Let’s start by saying, when it comes to matters of the heart we can only stand in awe of the amazing things love can do – it can heal us and make us strong. It also has the power to bring us […]

Self-reflection: A Pathway to Healing

One of the most important qualities to develop in a relationship is self-reflection. If each member in the relationship adopts the behavior of being truly self-reflective they can begin to do the work together. They can learn to grow their capacity for self-awareness and make the changes in themselves when encountering old and outmoded fear-based […]

Accepting Your Adult Child

The Games People Play Parents being manipulated by their adult children: What to do about your adult child who is pushing your guilt buttons to get their way. It is important to set your own limits about what you are and are not willing to do. You may be happy to speak by phone or spend […]

Children in a war-like environment

Consider two people who fight and scream at each other and expose their children to a war-like environment all the time, but who choose to stay together and keep their marriage intact. They may believe divorce is a sin, or that the people in their families simply don’t get divorced. Whatever belief system they have, […]

How Divorce Affects Children

Many unhappy couples are concerned that divorce will have a negative impact on their children. But research shows that divorce may not be as detrimental to a child’s development as we think. A study by Tamara Afifi, a professor in the department of communications at UCSB, uncovered some of the most compelling research discoveries of […]

My Mantra

As part of a blended family myself, I’ve learned that it is best to take a conscious approach to life in a tribe. I’ve encountered all kinds of things that keep me growing and inspire me to turn inward in an effort to be more self-reflective. It is not always easy, and I’m sometimes shocked […]